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Normal Playlist : the radio broadcasts, in random order, openings, endings, bgm, from anime, video games and animated films songs.



Manga Night, anime openings and endings.


Retro-French, songs from animes before 2000 and French songs from Japanese animes.


2014-2015, only songs released this year and last year. [Hour 2015-2016 from 11/09/2016]


Studio Ghibli, Studio Ghibli movies songs and background music.


Games Night, games only (songs, inserts songs, BGM).


Custom Playlist, Four times of 30 minutes of random theme (e.g. : Nana, Psycho-Pass...) >> Theme posted on Facebook each week-end. [From 1/9/15]


Shonen Star, openings and endings from shonen with more than 100 episodes.


Shojo Star, Openings and endings from shojo.


Ototo/Taifu, songs from animes for which the manga is published by Ototo or Taifu (French Publishers).


Muteki, French podcast about Japanese music : *weekly depending on the release of the podcast


Top 30 : Every month, the first Wednesday, from 8PM to 10PM, you can listen on the radio the songs best rated in the past month (you can rate a song on air with the 'smileys' next to the Radio Player). Since the first January 2017, this Top is also on air the Sunday following this Wednesday , from 3PM to 5PM.


Special Playlist : two hours special night ; the poll is launched every week (from Monday to Thursday/Friday) ; for instance, it can be a special Fulllmetal Alchemist,, One Piece or even Mecha.


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