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Normal Playlist : the radio broadcasts, in random order, openings, endings, bgm, from anime, video games and animated films songs.



Manga Night, anime openings and endings.


Retro-French, songs from animes before 2000 and French songs from Japanese animes.


2015-16-17, only songs released this year, last year and the year before that.


Studio Ghibli, Studio Ghibli movies songs and background music.


Games Night, games only (songs, inserts songs, BGM).


Custom Playlist, Four times of 30 minutes of random theme (e.g. : Nana, Psycho-Pass...) >> Theme posted on Facebook each week-end. [From 1/9/15]


Shonen Star, openings and endings from shonen with more than 100 episodes.


Shojo Star, Openings and endings from shojo.


Ototo/Taifu, songs from animes for which the manga is published by Ototo or Taifu (French Publishers).


Muteki, French podcast about Japanese music : *weekly depending on the release of the podcast


Top 30 : Every month, the first Wednesday, from 8PM to 10PM, you can listen on the radio the songs best rated in the past month (you can rate a song on air with the 'smileys' next to the Radio Player). Since the first January 2017, this Top is also on air the Sunday following this Wednesday , from 3PM to 5PM.


Special Playlist : two hours special night ; the poll is launched every week (from Monday to Thursday/Friday) ; for instance, it can be a special Fulllmetal Alchemist,, One Piece or even Mecha.


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Music from Movies and TV Shows

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